What's New

There is always something new happening at ipoint.to!  Here are some announcements and new developments we have recently launched:

Support Haiti’s Earthquake relief by using ipoint.to!

To aid in the Haiti disaster, Point Alliance will donate 10 cents each time ipoint.to is used to shorten a link for the entire month of February.  Donations will be made to Canadian Red Cross towards providing relief, restoring hope and rebuilding Haiti’s future. 

Support Haiti by using ipoint.to link

More flexibility in custom shortened URL

Users are now able to exceed the 6 character limit when requesting a custom shortened URL.   Please note that all other system-generated URLs will continue to be 6 characters in length.

We value your feedback and appreciate any suggestions that will help in further enhancing ipoint.to.  Please contact us at: info@ipoint.to with any questions or comments you would like to share.